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Three Reasons To Get Sober

Join a recovery support group of people just like you. We will work with you to determine how to move forward with the treatment in a way that works for you and your financial situation. We have a team of financial professionals who provide free insurance verification. Substance use can have a significant https://durancevile.com/books/Women.html consequence for brain chemistry, and for those who are predisposed to addiction, these chemical changes can happen faster and more dramatically. This can be made worse by the fact that friends who themselves struggle with alcohol but are not yet willing to seek help may push you to drink again.

reasons to be sober

Not just life choices that enable an addiction, but that are objectively right for you. Alcohol effectively numbs your feelings and let’s go of your inhibitions. What this means is, you act on impulse and don’t process emotions quickly.


Without the shackles of drugs and alcohol, the sky is the limit when it comes to self-improvement and self-care, and you’re likely to find sobriety allows you do instead of just talk. Over time, chronic substance abuse can even cause physical body issues such as heart palpitations and pain, diarrhea, seizures, diabetes, heart disease, and more. Why put yourself through all of that when you can live a happy, sober, and healthy life instead. Although the media may make getting drunk and using drugs seem appealing and fun, the effects of abusing substances are not. There is a strong link between mental illness and substance use disorders.

  • This is because you got to learn through the ups and downs of addiction and addiction treatment what your triggers are, what your coping mechanisms are, and why you do the things that you do.
  • It was just another layer of denial and refusing to take my drinking seriously.
  • To help you maintain your sobriety and see the benefits of doing so, we are providing you with a detailed list of reasons why living a sober life is beneficial.
  • Fortunately, there are many resources available to those who do decide to quit.

It only takes the anonymous report of a teacher, neighbor, friend, or enemy, and social service workers can end up knocking on your door. Drug and alcohol addiction can pull you away from the people who mean the most—family and friends. Despite what you may think, it’s never too late to repair these relationships.

An Overview of Addiction Treatment

Try to spend more time with people who you trust to respect your decision to reduce or eliminate drinking alcohol, rather than those who will judge or pressure you. Hanging out with friends who drink alcohol in large quantities can increase the likelihood http://www.aquafanat.com.ua/foto-album-tattoo-aquarium-fish.html that you will feel pressured to drink as well. Consider taking a break from friends who might, whether they mean to or not, make you feel pressured to drink socially. Exercise increases endorphins, which are the “feel-good” chemicals in the brain.

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