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How To Create An Auction Website 9-Step Guide

You can easily have your penny auction site up and running in a matter of minutes. A penny auction theme might seem simple, but this theme is incredibly feature packed, and very easy to customize. This theme includes a drag and drop theme builder, which makes customization easy, and is also ready to sell goods via WooCommerce and WPML. This plugin allows you to customize price, dates, and other product information. The image features of this plugin are very similar actual eBay listings. The two main methods of creating an auction website involve adding a plugin to your existing WordPress site, or choosing an auction-oriented theme from the very beginning.

how to create auction website

Users have to complete the registration process and pay the participation price. The auctioneer (the website owner) sets the start and end prices, the number of items, and the time frame of an auction. The price drops with every second by a pre-defined https://forexarticles.net/introduction-to-devops-and-the-top-10-tools-used/ bid increment. The bidders can click “Buy” when they are satisfied with the current price. As one of the most popular marketplace, eBay attracts a huge amount of sellers and creates tough competition for similar product listings.

Build Your Online Auction Website Design with Appy Pie’s Best AI Auction Website Builder.

For example, the hourly rates for web development may reach $ in the USA. Though, destinations like Eastern Europe ($30-50 per hour) or Asia ($15-25 per hour). The core advantage of a freelancer lies in the price-surely. Modules and libraries are built-in from the very beginning. Tools for protocols and reliable support present yet another feature. The processes of connecting to databases, testing, or parsing are smooth and fast.

Aside from it makes the users have a better experience, it also gives them easy access to find specific items they are looking for. Different advanced filters such as category, item condition, price range, buying format, seller, and shipping options are both useful and helpful. Your technology partner will choose the appropriate tech stack and build a feature-rich, robust auction platform.

How to Build an Auction Site With WordPress (Step by Step)

Despite the popularity and ever-growing profits of eBay, other famous and even new eCommerce auctions can still make for serious competition. It is a cornerstone question that needs an answer before you start any development. Having a clear understanding of your aims and motivation will give you the necessary fuel to continue even when it seems that it is all going wrong.

  • In such a case, you may get an extra source of income, having an auction website.
  • Thus, all those who work on it receive real-time data on the performance and efficiency of the team.
  • We recommend you to follow the next principles as they increase the user experience, make the interface intuitive, beautiful and simple in use.
  • Thus, having the ability to create and disseminate formal inquiries like RFPs and RTTs easily is paramount, enhancing the efficiency and professionalism of the interaction.
  • Usually, it comprises a website’s name, so users can easily find it online.
  • You may also want to add a terms of service and privacy policy page to your site as well.

Share all the gathered documents and technical requirements with developers so that they can offer a tech stack proposal. Software engineers who know how to create an auction website will research and offer the best technologies to achieve all the goals. To develop the proper user experience design, experts must analyze business requirements thoroughly.

Cons of Ready-Made Solutions for Auction Website Development

But if you want to hire a content creator for the site, the cost changes. Of course, the price differs but the main range is $500 to $1000 per month, or you may negotiate to pay for separate blocks or content. If you opt for custom development, it is important to know that firstly it will be expensive and it could take more or less time depending on what the needs are. The cost range for a custom web development task could be $50,000 to $200,000. Of course, this is the type of web hosting that is the best for a person who does not want to be bothered by other people.

  • In order to display the auction feature across your site all you’ll need to do is embed the plugin shortcode into any page or post you want to feature auctions.
  • An auction website should give sellers the liberty to add delete or change listings, based upon the availability of products or arrival of new lots.
  • Choosing a company that specializes in technologies like PHP, Python, or Ruby on Rails?
  • AuctionAnything.com is a useful online auction software for increasing the demand and creating excitement for your products.
  • Handbid is excellent auction software that offers everything you need to maximize your remote, hybrid, and also in-person events.
  • Create an online auction website and get a stable source of income.

In particular, EPAM created an application for Citi’s Digital Banking Platforms. We choose not just the best specialists in the business niche you need – we find those whose Linux Engineer Job Descriptions, Salary, and Interview Questions soft skills are fully consistent with the policies and values ​​of your company. You will be able to interview them and see for yourself before making the decision.


It should be able to manage the entire content of the website, create, edit or delete sections as and when required. He should be able to similarly manage auction and lot details, and the buyer, seller, and payments sections. However, just like in the eCommerce business, building trust in auctioneering is not easily done. It takes, time, effort and a lot of experimenting in terms of timing and positioning the bids in the website. Auction websites that enjoy a positive trust rating will enjoy more sales volumes than its ordinary counterparts.

  • There is no one-size-fits-all approach when calculating the cost of building a website related to an auction.
  • However, you need to know the way you can implement it, right?
  • Each of our products is built to industry standards as well as generally accepted standards for user data security, such as GDPR and PII, and accessibility.
  • We have a lot of experts who know how to create a bidding system.
  • The instructions are a bit difficult, so call them, they will set everything up for you.
  • Chances are you have spent some time building an email list.
  • This is the crucial part of your website because buyers will take the product based on the photo.
  • When contemplating how to create your own auction website, ensuring a high level of security for all transactions is crucial.

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